About Us

The Victim Care Service is funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

The Victim Care Service is a free and confidential service delivered by Victim Support, the independent charity for people affected by crime and traumatic events in England and Wales. We provide tailored support to enable people to cope and recover from the effects of crime.

The service is able to support victims of all crime types through a highly trained team of caseworkers. Our Multi Crime Team support victims of volume crime as well as serious crime such as rape and sexual assault. Our Domestic Abuse Team supports victims of standard risk domestic abuse and is Leading Lights Accredited. Children and Young People (CYP) can be supported by our specialist team from the age of 4 and upwards.

We will listen to how the crime has affected you and work with you to plan our support. With your consent, we can speak with other organisations who may be involved in supporting you to help find ways of improving your situation. As an organisation we have a great deal of experience in helping people to cope with, and recover from, the effects of crime. We know that people can be affected in very different ways by crime and so it is important, first and foremost, we listen to your own personal experiences. We believe the best outcomes are those that empower the individual and we try to work collaboratively with you to achieve this.

You can use the service if you have been impacted by crime, even if you are not the direct victim.

Victim Care Service Employee holding a leaflet talking to a member of the public during the event