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Caseworkers reflect on supporting young people during lockdown

Victim Support Workers Reflect on Helping Young People Cope with the Impact and Effects of Crime.

The last few months have had an obvious impact on the way we can operate and deliver support to those affected by crime. Tanya, one of our Children and Young People Caseworkers, along with other Victim Support practitioners have shared their thoughts on supporting children and young people during this lockdown and their concerns for the barriers that could limit support access.

‘Not being able to meet in person has been difficult – practitioners often use craft activities and games to communicate and encourage children to open up. But our practitioners have adapted to the restrictions amazingly, continuing to build relationships over the phone and occasionally Skype – interestingly, most children prefer the phone as it’s less direct than a face to face video call’

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A photograph of Tanya, our Children and Young People Caseworker
Tanya, our Children and Young People Caseworker