Speak out

The team at the Victim Care Service knows how difficult it can be to reach out and seek help when you’ve experienced crime first-hand.

You may feel embarrassed that it has happened to you and feel like you need to talk to someone. You may even have been pressured by someone to remain quiet. It’s also not uncommon to feel afraid about talking about a particular event or living with a person who has committed a crime against you.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, we’re here to help. Our service is totally free and confidential. There’s no need to tell us your name, age or address as long as you can confirm you are a resident of Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

Male on the phone looking out of a window

Our team has helped thousands of people like you, and their friendly, approachable manner means they can help with everything from providing support after a traumatic incident to more practical matters such as making your home safer.

The network of agencies we work with enables us to ensure your situation is supported as best and appropriately as possible.

If you think you’re ready to talk to us, give us a call – we’ll always be here for you.