Arson occurs when a person sets fire to someone else’s property in order to damage the property or injure people.

Those found guilty of arson can be sentenced to a maximum of life imprisonment, depending on the severity of the incident.

This is a very serious crime and should always be reported to the police as soon as possible, even if no damage or injuries have taken place.

Our team can help you deal with all aspects of arson, from supporting you following the incident to finding you help to repair property damage. We can also help with the reporting of the crime to the police and support you during the court process, if you need us to.

A person holding a lighter, setting fire to a tissue. The person has a dark coat on.

I’m a victim of arson - what should I do?

Always start by calling emergency services if you or anybody else is in any danger.  The police may wish to visit the scene to collect evidence.

Don’t forget you can speak to us too. Our team will be here to help you with anything you might need during the process of recovery.

You may also wish to consider doing the following:

  • find help to repair any damage to the property as soon as possible to ensure vandals aren’t drawn in to create more damage;
  • keep a diary of everything that happens, including events afterwards, such as harassment;
  • take photos and record video as evidence and speak to neighbours to see if they have any security cameras that might have picked up suspicious activity; and
  • think about upgrading your home security with an alarm system and CCTV.