Child to Parent Violence

Child to Parent Violence (CPV) is any behaviour used by a child or young person to control, dominate or coerce parent/s or carers and this can be by using patterns of physical, psychological or emotional behaviours. This can include emotional, verbal, physical or financial abuse and also “coercive control” where the parent or other adult is compelled to change their own behaviours for fear of further abuse.

Whilst it is normal for children to demonstrate some behaviours such as anger and frustration whilst growing up, it is important that this is not confused with CPV. CPV is often threatening and intimidating and can affect the whole of the families safety.

As a parent it can be difficult to accept that you need support with your child’s behaviour, with many parents feeling ashamed at the way they are being treated or guilty for not handling it sooner. Remember that there is never an excuse for abuse and it can exist for many reasons.

Many parents worry about reporting CPV as they are worried about their child’s criminal record, whilst others will contact the police to calm the situation down. If someone is in danger, you should always call 999 for help. Agencies such as the Victim Care Service are here to help, our caseworkers are non-judgemental and will be able to look at the different support available for you.