Bereavement is a painful experience especially if it was the result of someone else’s actions.

The knowledge that your loss was caused by someone else can be distressing and result in feelings that are often overpowering. Every person experiences bereavement differently and your feelings may change over time. Talking about what you’re going through and how you feel can’t change what’s happened, but it can help in other ways.

Family Liaison Officers whose primary function is investigation, will also help to support families following a homicide. As part of this role, they will also inform bereaved families about their rights and the support available to them.

Victim Support runs the National Homicide Service to help people navigate and know what to expect from the criminal justice system, assist with funeral planning and financial assistance. They will also be able to support around legal advice, media intrusion etc. To contact the National Homicide Service call them on 0300 303 1984.