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Restorative Justice Week 2020

Here at the Victim Care Service we want to empower victims to move beyond crime, Restorative Justice can be a piece of the puzzle to help achieve this.

Restorative justice is not for everyone, we provide information and support to enable victims to make their own informed choices. This Restorative Justice week 2020 we want to raise awareness and start conversions about the service in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Restorative Justice can have huge benefits for victims who partake in the process. It can give them an opportunity to say what the real impact of the offence was on them; allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings to the person responsible. It might be that they have questions that can only be answered by a successful Restorative Justice process for example wishing to know why they were targeted in the first place. There can be many other reasons why individuals may wish to take part in Restorative Justice; perhaps they wish to understand the motivations of the offender, they simply want an explanation or the process allows them to play an integral part of the Criminal Justice Process.

The restorative justice service in Hampshire and Isle of Wight is provided by Restorative Solutions, if you would like to find out more you can call them on 0800 043 8785 or go to their website at www.rjhampshire.org.uk

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